Carpet dry cleaning vs carpet steam cleaning. What your home needs this winter

Many homeowners are confused between carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning.  To help Sydney residents decide, we ask the expert carpet cleaners at DryTech Carpet Cleaning for their opinion.

Here’s what they advise:

Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

Both methods of cleaning are effective.  The difference is in the amount of water used.  Both methods will require a pre-vacuum of the carpet.  Pre-vacuuming is an important step as it removes all surface, dirt and grime before the more complex process of extraction and deep cleaning can commence.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

In carpet dry cleaning, after pre-vacuuming, the carpet is treated with a carpet dry cleaning solution – usually an absorbent compound that is sprayed onto the carpet.  The solution contains a small amount of water, an absorbent carrier, detergent and a solvent.  The solution breaks down the oily residue in the carpet which traps dirt in the carpet fibres.  Once the oily residue is removed, trapped soil, dirt and other pollutants can be easily removed.

The next step involves a rotary machine with cotton absorbent pads immersed in hot water to rinse and condition the carpet.  The machine is spun around the carpet at high speed lifting dirt and dust off the carpet fibres and onto the cotton pads.  The pads are changed continuously during the carpet dry cleaning process.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction, on the other hand, uses hot water injection to deep clean the carpet.   After pre-vacuuming, a pre-spray is usually applied to the carpet, prior to the carpet steam cleaning process.  Some professional carpet cleaners may agitate it with a micro-fibre pad.  This is followed by an injection of hot steam using a high-powered hot water extraction machine.

Steam cleaning is like a large vacuum cleaner sucking up deeply ingrained dirt and grime from carpet fibres but with water.  Professional carpet steam cleaners may use fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the carpet fibres if they are damp.

Your home carpet needs steam cleaning

The answer is steam cleaning. The home is full of harmful germs and bacteria and the most effective way to kill them is to treat the carpets with a high temperature source.   With the COVID-19 threat still around, getting your carpet steam cleaned this winter will ensure your family is protected from the flu and other harmful allergens.

Why steam clean home carpets?

Many people make the mistake by assuming that they only clean their carpet once.  When they move out of a home or when they want to sell their property.

The truth is you need to steam clean carpet more often than you realise.   Why? Because steam cleaning the carpet at home is the best way to keep the home clean and germ-free.   It is an affordable way to keep the home safe for children, aged parents and pets.

Steam cleaning is a deep cleansing method that revives carpet fibres and keep them looking fresh and new.  Steam cleaning your home carpet will prolong the fibres elasticity and therefore the lifespan of your carpet.

What needs steam cleaning?

Fabric couches, cushions and curtains will benefit from a deep steam cleaning.  These high touchpoints item attract harmful bacteria and pollutants that can only be effectively removed by heat.

You can easily get your couch steam cleaned with a DIY machine but if you do not have the time, then make sure you ask the Sydney carpet cleaner to include this service in the quote.

Stubborn stains

If you have carpet or furniture that is stained, a steam cleaning will be more effective in restoring it to its original condition.   If stains are old (i.e. you are not sure what it is) or if they are extensive, then it is better to call a professional carpet cleaner in Sydney.

Emergency clean-up

A burst pipe.  A heavy downpour.  If your home is flooded, you will have to call a professional carpet cleaner.   Water damage cleaning and restoration has to be handled by a professional with the right equipment and technical knowledge.  If done wrong, carpet fibres will not dry properly and this can result in mould growth.


If the carpet is looking old and tired, you can easily refresh them with a professional steam cleaning.

If you are moving out, it is a condition of your bond release.  If you are selling, it is recommended to get a higher resale value for the property.

Can I do my own DIY carpet steam cleaning?Of course, you can do your own DIY carpet steam cleaning.   But there are factors to consider before you start hiring equipment.

You may not have the time

If you have time to shop around for a good carpet steam cleaning machine and the time to carry out the cleaning yourself than a DIY project may suit you.

While you will spend less money hiring equipment than you will calling a professional carpet cleaner, you will need to familiarise yourself with the machine and the correct technique for steam cleaning the carpet.

You could make mistakes

Most people assume if they hire a machine, they can easily steam clean their home but there are some things to consider about using the right technique.  Some things that can go wrong include uneven washing, over-washing (leading to damp or wet carpets) and using the wrong amount of pre-spray.

If you damage the carpets with a DIY job there is no quick fix for the carpet.  A carpet cleaner can come to your home to re-clean the carpet for you but if you have damaged the carpet then the consequences can be expensive.  Repairing the carpet is expensive.  Replacing the carpet is even more expensive.

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