Different carpet different cleaning.  Why knowing your carpet material matters.

Why knowing your carpet material matters.

When you do the laundry, you sort out the whites from the coloured because you don’t want to ruin your clothes, right?

Likewise, when you are ‘washing’ your carpets, you don’t want to damage the material either.

If you know what your carpet is made of, you will know how to better care for them.  Caring for your carpet is important because the consequences of a damaged carpet is expensive.  As a homeowner you will want to maintain the freshness of your carpet for as long as you can.

Benefits of a well-maintained carpet

There are many benefits from maintaining your carpets.  Here are just a few obvious ones:

1. Keeps your home healthy

Carpets get dirty so easily because we are constantly trekking dirt, dust and grime into the home and the most obvious place where they get trapped is the carpet.   Top this up with food and water spilled on the carpets and you have an environment that is ripe for germs and bacteria to live.

A dirty carpet poses a health threat to family and pets.  Dirt trapped inside carpets can be agitated when you walk on it.   The dirt is redeposited into the air and eventually breathed in by humans and animals.  Breathing in dust can exacerbate respiratory conditions and cause hay fever and sinuses.

Home flooding is uncommon but it can happen. An unfortunate event like a burst pipe, an overflowing sink or unusual downpour can happen.  When the carpet is flooded it will need urgent cleaning and restoration because a wet carpet is a breeding ground for harmful mould.   Mould, as we know, is harmful to our health.  Breathing in the spores can make us very ill.  Mould is also extremely toxic and will damage your carpet, underlay and flooring beneath if you do not treat it.

The most effective way to treat mould in carpet is to hire a carpet cleaning company in Sydney to steam clean the carpet.  Do not attempt a DIY home fix because the equipment and products you have access to may not be powerful enough for the job.

2. Keeps your home safe

A clean and well-maintained carpet reduces the risk of falls and trips in the home.  If the carpet in your home is dirty it can stick to soles of shoes causing the person to trip and fall.

Carpet that is worn out from daily use will become threadbare over time.   The carpet fibres start packing or flattening out.  Steam cleaning the carpet regularly can restore the carpet fibres.  If left untreated, this packing effect can result in a slippery surface that is easy to slip on.

If you have children and aged parents living at home, you will want to take extra care in ensuring that the carpet is kept in pristine condition to minimise accidents at home.;

3. Makes the house look good

Nothing is more obvious to a visitor than a dirty floor.  Clean and fresh carpets make a house looks good.

If you are selling your home, you will have to get a professional carpet cleaner in to steam clean the floors properly before you list the property.  Not doing it can bring down the market value of the property.

Even if you were not selling the property, it is still more conducive and enjoyable to live in a house with clean flooring than one with dirty, grubby or smelly carpets.

Different carpet.  Different cleaning.

Remember the washing?  When you do a load, you sometimes select different temperature settings for different washes, right?

The same principle applies for carpet cleaning and maintenance.   Knowing what the most common carpet fibres are made of can help you optimise your cleaning and maintenance routine.

Common carpet materials

There are 3 common materials used to manufacture carpets.

Standard pile carpet

Standard pile carpet is the most common in Australian households.   A carpet is basically a floor covering made from a pile laid on top of a rubber backing or underlay.

Standard pile are made from wool and non-synthetic materials (like polypropylene, nylon and polyester).  They are easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain carpets for the home.

A good quality vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can lift most surface dirt and dust from the carpet. Regular vacuuming is important to maintain surface cleanliness and look.

Spills can be removed with easy homemade solutions and gentle dabbing actions.  Always do a spot check first before you start.

An annual or bi-annual professional carpet steam cleaning can help tackle ingrained dirt and stubborn stains.

Berber pile carpet

The word ‘Berber’ originates from North Africa where the carpet was originally made.   Due to the dry and dusty terrain of the region, the method of making this carpet is a tight weave fibre.   This type of weave can make it hard for dust and dirt to penetrate.  But it also makes it hard for the homeowner to remove dirt and grime if it does find its way into the fibres.

Berber fibres can snag easily if it is caught on sharp objects like a stiletto heel.  The weave can loosen, making it easy for dirt and grime to contaminate the carpet.  Also, the thick pile, when wet, is hard to dry out.  It is also notorious for absorbing stains very quickly.

The best type of vacuum for berber pile is a gentle suction vacuum to prevent snags.  Avoid trying to steam clean the carpet yourself with rented equipment because you may not know how much water to use.  Call a professional carpet cleaner to do the steam cleaning for you because they can judge the amount of water to use in the cleaning process.

If you have a spill on berber pile, attend to it immediately because it will stick.  Very quickly.  Call in a professional carpet cleaner in Sydney for stain removal as soon as you can arrange it to deal with the problem.

Shag (or long) pile carpet

Shag pile carpets look cosy and inviting but they are magnets for dirt, grime and harmful germs and bacteria.  This makes them one of the most difficult carpets to clean in the home.

Regular vacuum is compulsory if you own a shaggy rug or carpet.  The carpet manufacturer will usually list the specific type of vacuum models to use.  Be sure to heed their advice. Alternatively, if your vacuum isn’t compatible, you can use a stiff bristle broom or your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment to clean very long pile shag area rugs such as alpaca wool. This will also help prevent the pile from getting matted and unevenly worn.

It is a good idea to invest in a carpet groomer and groom the carpet before and after vacuuming.  Consider your carpet as a long-haired dog and you will get the picture.

Long pile carpet are best maintained by professional carpet cleaners so include this essential cleaning bill in your household budget if you are planning to equip your house with a shag pile carpet.

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