Why should I clean my carpets?

For many reasons.

  • Hygiene of your carpet
  • Health issue
  • Prolong the life of your carpet

How often should I have my Upholstery cleaned? We suggest that you get your furniture cleaned every 10 month at least..

Which technique of carpet cleaning is better? We are professional in the 2 most well known systems the Steam cleaning and the Dry Cleaning

Should I vacuum before the carpet Technician arrives? Yes it is better to vacuum your carpet as often as possible

Do you move furniture? Yes we move furniture, but we don’t move risky ones as and Beds because they can be dangerous for our technicians if they fell apart

How long before I can walk on my carpet? Limit the walking for the first then you can walk as normal

How long will it take for my carpet or upholstery to dry? The carpet it should take between 6 to 8 hours to Dry but it depends on the weather sometimes less sometimes more that’s steam cleaning, but for the Dry cleaning it takes around 45 minutes.

Are your shampoo or any of your product are safe for children and pets? Yes we use %100 safe products non toxic and good for the environment..

Are your technicians and cleaners experienced? Yes we are certified by ITI and got over 12 years of experience

Will your cleaning help my allergies? Yes for the allergy problems we use hot steam cleaning and we use an organic product to kill the allergy caused by dust mite

Will you remove all my stains and spots? We use different techniques to remove stains usually we get a very good result if we act quickly

Should I have a scotch guard protection applied after cleaning? Yes these days fabric protection is a must because it makes your life easier, and it prolong the life of your fabric

Finally our advice is the following:

  • Steam clean your carpet at least every nine month Vacuum your carpet regularly Keep your carpet in a good condition by applying fabric protection every
  • 18 months at least
  • The carpet works as a filter for the pollution that’s why you see black spots sometimes on the edges so keep it clean.
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