Forget About Repairs.  Instead Protect Your Carpets from Damage

Protect Your Carpets from Damage

That’s right.  You don’t have to spend money repairing the carpets in your home.  Or even more money replacing damaged carpets throughout the home.  Shabby old carpet has a nasty tendency lowering the value of your home.  So if you are intending to sell or rent the property you will want to give this some thought.   Dirty carpets in your home can also make you and your family sick.   Ripped carpets and linoleum are tripping hazards that can cause serious accidents and falls in the home.  Dirty carpets and rugs are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria.  There are professionals who do carpet repairs that can help with these issues, but why patch up the carpet when you can easily prevent it from happening by cleaning it properly?

If you want to protect your carpets from damage and keep them looking good for as long as possible, then consider the tips below:

1. Use Rugs in High Foot Traffic Areas to Minimize Carpet Repairs

When you walk through your home, you will probably follow the same paths practically every time. This could be due to how you have decorated your home (i.e. where furniture is placed) or because it is the fastest and easiest route around. Walking the same route mashes down the carpet fibres and creates noticeable trails or tracks in the carpet.  In addition to damaged fibres you also track dirt and other debris through the home that can stain or discolour the carpets.

An easy but economical way to prevent this from happening is to put rugs down in heavy foot traffic areas.  Rugs add a barrier between your feet and the carpet fibres.  They play an important function preventing the carpet fibre packing (a condition where the fibres are squashed thereby causing them to lose their elasticity).  Rugs can also protect the carpet against dirt and other debris. They are a lot easier to clean than carpets. When they are dirty, you can throw them in the washing machine or take them outside and shake them out. If you decide to spend a little more money you could invest in eye-catching rugs and incorporate them into your home’s design.

2. Use Furniture Protectors

Have you ever moved your bed, couch or another piece of furniture and noticed indentations in your carpeting?  Carpet can easily flatten if you place a heavy object over it on a prolonged or extended period of time.  When the carpet is completely squashed, the fibres are damaged and will need professional care. You can engage a professional to repair the carpet but sometimes the damage is so extensive it may require new carpets instead.

To prevent indentations from happening, it’s a good idea to place furniture protectors under your heavy furniture. You might also consider rotating your furniture on a regular basis. This will ensure that the weight doesn’t sit in one place for too long.

3. Have the Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Professional carpet dry cleaning or carpet steam cleaning can substantially prolong the life of your carpet and rugs.  On average, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year.  The most common times are spring and autumn.

If you have a family member who is susceptible to allergies or respiratory illness, young children or pets, you will have to professionally clean the carpet more.

4. Add a Stain Protector to Your Carpet

Most new furniture and carpet have a stain protector applied.  Over time the protection becomes less and less effective so you will want to invest in a new coat.  The next time you book a professional carpet cleaning service, do not forget to ask for a stain protector to be included in the job.   Most companies may consider giving you a special discounted price for the service.  It will cost you a lot more if they are coming to your home just to apply the stain protector.

A stain protector has to be professionally administered by your carpet cleaner. Once coated, general spills on furniture and carpet can be easily removed with a simple homemade solution.  Be sure to always do a spot test first before applying any form of cleaning agent on your carpet or furniture.

5. Take Care of Spills Immediately

If something gets spilled on your carpets, make sure to clean it up immediately. This is especially true for food and beverages that can leave a stain, but it also applies to water as well. Any moisture that gets into your carpet can cause problems. Water may not leave a stain, but it could contribute to the growth of mold—especially in humid environments. Once this happens, getting this element out of the carpet can be costly affair.  The worst case scenario is that your carpet or underlay are permanently damaged and the only solution is to replace them completely.

If you have a suspicious stain on your carpet that you are not confident removing it is better to call in an expert carpet cleaner to do the job right.  A carpet cleaner has been trained to remove all types of stains.  Using their services will reduce the risk of damaging your carpet.

6. Attend to unusual odours immediately

Pets and home spills are notorious for creating unpleasant odors in carpets. If you notice any unusual odours you will want to attend to the problem immediately.  Call a professional to have the carpet checked for mold.  Have the carpet steam cleaned and deodorised to minimise the damage.

Carpets are expensive chattels.  Not all of us can afford to recarpet our homes so it is in our best interest to keep it looking good for as long as we can.  By following a few simple tips, you can minimise the amount of carpet damage that occurs and extend its shelf life.

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