How to flu-proof your apartment during winter

How to flu-proof your apartment during winter dt

The flu season is here.  This year, the flu season is unique.  Coronavirus has not been eradicated.  Australia has successfully flatten the curve but with the colder winter months, doctors are worried that a spike could return.

The last thing anyone wants is a flu and coronavirus outbreak at the same time.

Why we should flu-proof our apartment this winter

Coronavirus risk

A flu outbreak in Australia now can overstretched hospital capacities and health care personnel.

Australia, like the rest of the world, is concerned that the coronavirus pandemic may re-surface in winter.  We need all the medical resources available if this happens.  The flu is preventable.  There are measures employers and staff can take to minimise the risk of catching a flu during winter.   Taking measure to prevent a flu outbreak in your apartment is a responsible strategy to free up medical resources for a possible coronavirus spike

Keeps the family safe

No one wants to be going to the clinic or hospital now.  The best way to keep the kids and family safe is to flu-proof the apartment to prevent an outbreak of the flu in the apartment.

Minimising the risks of flu can also keep vulnerable groups like grandparents safer when they come for visits now that social distancing rules have relaxed.

How to prevent flu outbreak in the apartment

1. Steam clean the carpets and rugs

Carpets may look clean on the outside but harmful bacteria, germs and mould can live inside its fibres.  Studying from apartment and work from apartment this season meant many of us have been apartment for long periods of time.  The carpets in the house have seen a significant amount of wear and tear in the last two months.  A steam clean will restore the carpet to its original freshness just before we hunker down for winter.

Steam cleaning the carpets is also the most effective way to kill germs and bacteria in carpet is to steam clean it.  Steam cleaning uses high temperature steam to kill these harmful allergens.

Professional cleaning companies in Sydney like DryTech has the right equipment and tools to properly steam clean and disinfect carpets to prevent germs and bacteria.

If the quarantine has prevented you from ringing the carpet man now is the best time to pick up the phone and call DryTech Carpet Cleaning.

Getting your apartment carpet steam cleaned is especially important with the coronavirus threat still looming.  You will want to do everything within your power to ensure that grandparents and kids are safe from any possibility of a flu infection.

2. Steam cleaning your rugs

It’s time to give rugs in the apartment a proper steam cleaning.  DryTech Carpet Cleaning can also steam clean rugs in apartments.  We are used to working with all types of rugs including Persian rugs.

Steam cleaning the rugs will remove all harmful allergens that can aggravate asthma, allergies and skin irritations.  Steam cleaning can also kill flu bacteria, germs and mould in rugs.

3. Steam clean the mattresses

This winter is different from previous winters.  We may not be able to prevent coronavirus but we can prevent the family from getting sick from the flu.

A small investment in getting all the mattresses in the apartment steam clean this year will go a long way in ensuring that the family is as safe and healthy as possible.

4. Steam clean curtains and cushions

Steam cleaning cushions and curtains in the apartment will kill any germs and bacteria that may be lurking inside the fibres.

5. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Every household is now used to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.  An apartment has many surfaces children (who have returned to school) can touch.  All furniture, walls, surfaces, door switches, light switches, furniture and appliances in the apartment can do with regular cleaning and sanitising.

Keeping up the cleaning and sanitising is an effective way to prevent a flu outbreak in the apartment.

6. Sanitising computers and workstations

Studying online and working from apartment meant we have been on our home computers a lot more than normal.  All the surfaces in the workstation, computers, scanners, printers, keyboard and even the mouse and mouse pad needs regular cleaning and sanitising.

Proper sanitising of these surfaces can reduce the risk of a flu outbreak in the apartment.

Other measures to prevent flu outbreak in the apartment

7. Encouraging the children to practise personal hygiene

Australians are used to hand sanitisers and masks these days.  Everyone at apartment should continue to practise personal hygiene like washing or sanitising their hands while working.

Make it easier for the kids by providing hand sanitisers in common areas like kitchens, bathrooms, hallway and their bedrooms.

8. Staying at home if you are unwell

If you are not feeling well, you should stay in your apartment.  The same goes for the kids.  Your GP has tele-medical services which means you can ring up for a telephone consultation if you feel you need medical advice for any illness.

Staying at apartment when you are unwell is reducing the risk of others getting sick from you.  If you have to go out for whatever reasons, you may want to consider wearing a mask to prevent infecting others.

9. Getting a flu vaccine for the whole family

The flu vaccine is available.  If you have not booked a flu vaccine, it is still not too late to do so in the next few weeks.

Flu vaccines are very important in keeping the family safe.  They can be easily administered by your GP or chemist.

Taking responsible measures to prevent a flu outbreak in the apartment is important.  The deadly coronavirus is still around.  Until a vaccine is found, we do not want a worst case scenario of flu + coronavirus outbreak.

Stay safe.

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