How your house can benefit from a clean carpet

A clean carpet can reduce sickness

If you or a family member suffers from seasonal allergies or respiratory conditions, keeping a clean home can reduce your symptoms.

Outdoor allergens like pollen are brought indoors on shoes and clothing.  Unattended, they accumulate and can become a health risk.    Dust, pet dander, and other allergens if not cleaned will also accumulate and can irritate eyes, nose and throat.  They can also aggravate sinuses and exacerbate respiratory problems.  Mould growing inside your carpet can make you sick.  Mould is a toxic compound that can destroy carpet fibres.

This summer’s dust storms throughout Australia has highlighted the importance of a regular cleaning regime in the home.

Regular weekly vacuuming can keep your home safe from surface dust, dirt and debris.   Special attention should be given to areas with high foot traffic like hallways as well as areas with high humidity like bathrooms, kitchens and closets.  However, vacuuming cannot eliminate harmful bacteria and germs living inside the carpet.  The most effective way to kill them is to steam clean the carpet.  Steam cleaning employs hot steam to kill germs and bacteria and should be included into the household budget as a ‘must do’ cleaning.

If you have a family member who is susceptible to allergies and respiratory conditions, then more frequent carpet steam cleaning is recommended.  During cold months like autumn and winter you may want to increase the frequency even more to minimise the risks.

It is easier to pay for the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to do this task properly for you at least once a year.

A clean mattress will help you sleep better

If you are having problems sleeping it could be your mattress.

Studies by the National Sleep Foundation showed that 45 percent of sleepers experience poor sleep.  Many sufferers attribute their sleeping difficulties to the modern day stresses they encounter.  However, not many of them may know that the problem could be a simple as what is inside our bedrooms.

When our minds are preoccupied, we will find it difficult to relax and fall asleep.  While we may wash our bedsheets and pillow cases regularly, we seldom think about steam cleaning our mattress.

Yet the mattress is as dirty as our sheets.  It is exposed to same contaminants as our sheet – anything from hair to saliva to creams and makeup.  It makes sense that we also steam clean our mattress regularly to ensure that we are completely removing all the nasties that can be affecting our sleep.

A professional carpet cleaner in Sydney is the company to call if you want to have the mattresses in the home steam cleaned.

A clean carpet can improve your well-being

A cluttered and untidy home is not pleasant to be in.   It can be overwhelming and can contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression,

A clean, tidy and fresh smelling home can help us focus better.  We feel calmer and happier.  We are more confident about ourselves and enjoy spending time in this environment.

The carpet is the single largest piece of item in our home.  We have them in our bedroom, in our dining area, in our living room, in our study, even in our home office in the garage.

Keep the carpet in your home clean and sparkling with regular steam cleaning from a professional carpet cleaning company in Sydney.

A clean carpet can save you money

Why is it important to have a clean carpet? Here’s a good reason: Keeping your carpet clean can save you money.

Keeping your carpet clean can preserve the carpet fibres.  Dirt particles inside the carpet act like sandpaper to wear down the integrity of the fibres.  Over time, the carpet will start to pack.  This occurs when the carpet starts to flatten.  The result is a carpet that will look worn and threadbare.

All kinds of consequences result from damaged carpets.  They become slippery and can cause falls in the home.  They lose their elasticity and springiness and become unpleasant to walk on.  Dirt can be easily grind into them making them stain easier.  They look ugly. They lower the value of the property if you are putting it up on the market.

Replacing carpets is a very expensive endeavour. It is better to pay a carpet cleaning company to regularly steam clean and restore your carpet than to pay for installing a new carpet.

Healthy carpet benefits

A clean carpet is good for your health and wellbeing.  It helps minimises sickness in the home. It leaves a good vibe and makes everyone happier to be at home. It can help you sleep better. And it will certainly save you money in the long run.

Unfortunately, modern family life is busy and not everyone will have the time to clean their home to professional standards.  Luckily, there are many cleaning companies and carpet cleaning specialists in Sydney and it is just as easy to invest a little money and have the experts do the job for you.  Professional carpet cleaning companies like DryTech give competitive quotes.  They also provide a service guarantee for their work which gives you the peace of mind to request a ‘no charge’ re-clean if you are unhappy with the results.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company can make it easier for you to keep your home clean and tidy.  If your home needs only one professional attention then choose carpet dry cleaning or steam cleaning.  This is one of the hardest task to tackle on your own, particularly if you do not have the experience or knowledge.

If you would like to start having new and clean carpets again, call DryTech Carpet Cleaning will provide superior cleaning to give you a better living environment.

DryTech Carpet Cleaning is one of Sydney’s best domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning companies.  For more information about our wide range of services or a free quote call: 0408 578 918 or email:

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