Beautiful and natural, leather is one of the most luxurious upholstery material. A delicate natural material, leather is sensitive to harsh elements like heating, air conditioning, wind, sunlight, body oils, dirt and spills. Even if we are extremely careful with leather, general day-to-day use will impact its look and feel. Over time, leather lounges and upholstery can start to become dull, stained and scratched. Careful and proper cleaning and maintenance of leather, however, will ensure that the leather stays fresh and soft for a long time.

When it comes to cleaning your favourite leather couch, sofa or chair, don’t try any shortcuts with homemade solutions. Ring a professional like DryTech Carpet Cleaning Sydney and have the peace of mind that your favourite furniture (or automobile interior) will not be damaged. To ensure the longevity of your leather, we use special vacuums with brush attachments, mild, low pH cleaning liquids, microfiber cloths and commercial-grade conditioners to gently wash and restore the leather.

We clean all types of leather items

DryTech specialises in cleaning all types of leather – aniline (pure), semianiline or pigmented leather.
Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Leather lounge cleaning
  • Leather chairs cleaning
  • Leather dining chairs cleaning
  • Leather automobile interiors cleaning
  • Leather coffee tables, side tables, consoles cleaning
  • Leather ottoman cleaning
  • Many more!

Our services also include Stain Removal and Stain Protection.

  • Engaging a professional cleaning company to clean and maintain your leather furniture may seem
    like an unnecessary expense but here are some good reasons why you should consider this.
  • Warranty. Manufacturer’s warranty can be voided if you innocently apply unapproved homemade solutions or conditioners to the leather.
  • Pigmentation. Using the wrong cleaning solution on pigmented leather can cause cracks. Moisturisers must be tested to prevent it reacting with the dyes and altering the colour of the leather.
  • Durability. Professional leather cleaning like DryTech not only cleans your leather furniture, it restores the leather and prolongs its longevity.
  • Hygiene/Cleanliness. Like the carpet and other pieces of furniture in your home or office, leather items can also become breeding grounds for unhealthy germs which can only be effectively removed by professional leather steam cleaning.

Our Sydney leather lounge and leather furniture cleaning specialists will clean and remove all stains, odours and harmful allergens from your leather items. We use special equipment, gentle cleaning solutions, oils and creams to restore and protect the leather. You will be able to enjoy the soft luxurious feel of your freshly cleaned leather couch, lounge or chair again.

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