Prolong your leathers appearance, softness and comfort with our Sydney leather cleaning services

Leather is a natural product and hence elements such as heating, air-conditioning, sunlight, body oils, dirt and general day to day use can have a big impact on the appearance, longevity and cleanliness of your couch. Over time leather lounges can become dull, dry, stained and scratched. Much like a pair of leather shoes, regular cleaning, buffing and moisturising is required to maintain a pleasing appearance and soft touch.

We clean all leather items, from leather lounges to leather dining chairs!

Maintaining leather can seem like a time consuming process, however there are some benefits from regular leather cleaning:

•     Lasting pigmentation

•     Durability

•     Comfort

•     Keep its value

•     Hygienic/cleanliness

Leather Cleaning Sydney

Our Sydney leather lounge cleaning specialists will get rid of stains, odours and allergens while protecting your leather lounge’s delicate fabrics! DryTech is a recognised expert when it comes to leather cleaning in Sydney, we know the right way to treat leather so as to remove the dirt and impurities that cause your leather to dry out and stain and then put oils and moisture back into the leather to protect it and enhance its natural softness.

Contact us today on 1300 886 871 to discuss your Sydney leather cleaning requirements or any of our Sydney Carpet Cleaning Services.  We not only service leather lounge sets but any other product you need cleaning from leather dining chairs to car seats.

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