Funny how we will wash our bedsheets regularly but we give little thought to the importance of cleaning the mattresses underneath. All kinds of things can contaminate the mattress we sleep on every night. These can include human skin (reports have shown that a person can shed up to 500
million skin cells a day), human hair, bodily fluids, food crumbs, spills, pet hair and many more.

A dirty mattress can be a contributing factor to a poor night’s sleep, allergies, and even illnesses. Changing and washing the bedsheets regularly is good practice but it is equally important to have the mattress properly spring cleaned once every six months. Vacuuming the mattress with a home vacuum cleaner may not be a good idea. Unless you have the right vacuum cleaner with the proper attachments, you could end up transferring contaminants to your mattress instead of cleaning it.

The most effective and worry-free method to clean your mattresses is to engage the services of a professional mattress cleaner like DryTech. Our 2000 watt and 500PSI steam cleaning method will effectively remove all ingrained dirt, stains and harmful allergens from your mattresses.

Based in the CBD, we can easily come out to your home in central Sydney or surrounding suburbs. We have superior steam cleaning equipments that will give the mattresses a good wash and powerful vacuums and driers to remove all trace of moisture so you will not be left with soggy, wet mattresses. Instead, you will be presented with mattresses that will look clean, smell fresh and be safe to sleep on. Our customers have the added assurance that the cleaning compounds we use on their mattresses are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Mattress Cleaning Sydney

Get yourself a better night’s sleep with DryTech’s expert mattress cleaning services.

We offer a range of other complementary services to get your mattresses in tip top condition including:

Considering the average human being spends almost a third of their lives in bed, it is important that you must be able to get the best possible rest during these precious hours. DryTech is one of the few Sydney cleaning companies that really understands the benefits of a professionally cleaned mattress. We want every one of our customers to be as snug as a bug in a rug and have the best night’s sleep ever.

We also offer commercial mattress cleaning services in Sydney for hotels, motels, hostels and others. Give us a call on 0408 578 918 and talk to our Sydney mattress cleaners about your cleaning needs.

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