‘Scotch guard’ is a genericized trademark most home and car owners know. New furniture and cars with leather interiors usually come with complimentary upholstery protection. Sometimes, the retailer may ask if we want to include this in the price. Stain protection is one of the best ways to keep your carpet, rugs, furniture or car, clean and stain-free. Even newly purchased items will require some re-application of ‘Scotchgard’ or equivalent, as general wear-and-tear can significantly erode the effectiveness of the original coat.

For the best stain protection services in Sydney, call DryTech Carpet Cleaning Services. Our services include cleaning, sanitising and protecting all types of fabric and leather items. Our customers are based in Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. We service both domestic and commercial clients.

Most comprehensive stain protection services in Sydney

Our customers call us for all types of stain protection needs. Here are some of the things we can do
for you:

  • New carpet stain protection
  • Dry and steam cleaning carpet and stain protection
  • Furniture and upholstery stain protection
  • Rug stain protection
  • Car interior stain protection
  • Scotch guarding
  • And many more!

Stain Protection Sydney

DryTech are the experts in stain protection in Sydney. Before we apply ‘Scotchgard’ (or equivalent) to your carpets, furniture or car, we always ensure that the surrounding areas are carefully protected. The item is cleaned (either dry or steam cleaning is recommended), and a colourfast test is conducted before we carefully apply it to the surface. We usually apply more than one coat and always ensure that each coat is evenly coated and properly dried before we apply the next one.

Why use a professional stain protection services

Many things can go wrong if you are trying to apply a coat of ‘Scotchgard’ on your own or if you use
an unprofessional company. Here are some reasons why you should not attempt it:

  • Not using the right product.
  • Not mixing the product properly.
  • Not conducting a proper colourfast test on the surface.
  • Not applying the stain removal correctly.
  • Not protecting the surrounding area/s.
  • Not drying out the layers properly

Here are some good reasons why investing in a professional stain protection service like DryTech Sydney will benefit you and your family:

  • It is easier to clean as dust and spillage cannot easily adhere to the surface.
  • It is healthier for the family because bacteria and mold find it harder to breed on stain protected surfaces.
  • It can prolong the lifespan of your carpet, rug or furniture.
  • It is suitable for high foot traffic areas like hallways, corridors or staircases as spots can be easily wiped off.
  • It will make your next carpet cleaning experience less costly and less time consuming.

Stain protection when done right can make your daily cleaning easier. It protects your carpet, rug or furniture and help them stay fresh and safe longer. Use only the best stain protection professional in Sydney. Call DryTech today on 0408 578 918 for a free quote.

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