Why you must leave flood clean-ups to the professionals

Flooding is damaging to properties. Flooding at home or at work is not uncommon. It can happened from a burst mains, an overflowing tub or a faulty hot water unit. When this happens flood water can flow inside walls and falls and cause extensive damage to the property.

Do you know that even a small flood or leak can be just as dangerous?

Flood clean-up is always a potentially dangerous job and should be left to a trained cleaning team like DryTech. They have the tools as well as the knowledge to keep themselves out of harm’s way.

Here are just a few of the reasons why flood clean-up should be done by a professional residential cleaning team like DryTech Water Damage and Restoration in Sydney:

1. Electricity.

This is one of the most important reasons why flood clean-up should be left to the professionals. It is a simple fact that water and electricity do not mix, and if your basement has any amount of water in it, there’s a chance that it could be coming into contact with live electricity.

Trained cleaning teams have the means to safely navigate through flood waters to shut the power off. Before the power is shut off, it is dangerous for anyone but a professional to come into contact with any flood waters; in a worst-case scenario, wading through water that is in contact with live electricity could be fatal.

2. Bacteria.

Depending on the source of the flood, the standing water in your home could range between clean water and black water. Clean water is drinkable water, which comes from burst pipes or other such causes. Black water, however, is water that contains harmful bacteria or waste material, such as when the flood is caused naturally or by burst sewage pipes. It is incredibly dangerous to human health and should be avoided by anyone but trained residential cleaning professionals.

Professional water damage and cleaning teams are trained in flood clean-up and have the means to protect themselves and others from the dangers of black water. With the right equipment and knowledge, the problem can be dealt with before anyone is harmed.

3. Mould.

Even the smallest leak or flood can leave dangerous mould in its wake. After the standing water is cleared from the home by flood clean-up professionals, all materials that have been saturated, like drywall, studs, flooring and insulation, need to be replaced. If these materials are dealt with improperly, they become breeding grounds for several types of harmful mould that can cause respiratory problems or even death.

Many professional water damage cleaning and restoration teams trained in flood clean-up will also offer to strip these materials out of your home, and will make sure no potentially harmful materials are left behind. DryTech Water Damage and Restoration team can help you with flood clean-up and other emergency services if you are based in Sydney CBD, Inner Suburbs or Outer Suburbs. We clean commercial and residential properties. We have a large fleet of vans with high-powered equipment that we can deploy immediately to your property when flooding has occurred. DryTech cleaning is guided by strict Australian cleaning standards. We hire trained professionals who are covered by insurance to ensure total peace of mind for our clients.

4. Odour Remover

Odour from damp mouldy carpets is unpleasant. A professional water damage and restoration company can effectively remove these unpleasant smells with specialised ozone releasing equipment.

Part of the water restoration DryTech does is sanitising and deodorising the damaged areas. We also take special care to ensure that the air quality of the home is returned to a safe level.

Water damage is emotionally straining

We can all imagine how it feels to walk into your home and see the floor completely saturated in water. First, you must come to terms that your belongings may be damaged. Then, there’s thinking about how and if the issue can be fixed. And if it can’t be fixed, how do you replace the damaged items and how will you pay for them? And finally, organising the contractors to sort it all out.
We know – it’s a nightmare!

Therefore, we have made our processes for Flood Restoration simple and seamless. Our focus is to provide a fast, convenient and accessible response service. We restore water affected carpets and fabrics to their original condition, wherever possible. Our 24/7 hotline means you can ring us anytime.

Trying to coordinate the work between your insurance provider and contractor is stressful. DryTech has a great working relationship with all major insurance providers. DryTech has an effective process to make it easy for your specific needs. Our specialists carry out a comprehensive assessment report of the damage. This allows us to create a flood restoration plan specific to your home.

How does DryTech restore your flooded carpets and fabrics to their original condition?

We utilise innovative technology and has specialized drying equipment. Depending on the type and spread of the flooding, we use a combination of high-powered steam cleaning machines, vacuums, fans and dehumidifiers to remove water from carpets and floors.

Our technicians are trained to industry standards in Water Restoration and Structural Drying. In most cases, we can dry on-site. Our team are the technical experts in carrying out structural drying.

Use a professional water damage and restoration company

Water damage to your carpets must be left to the professionals. It is important to note that not all commercial or residential carpet cleaning companies have the technical expertise to handle a flood clean-up. DryTech Carpet Cleaning is one of the few professional carpet cleaning companies in Sydney with this specialised skill.

Flood damage to your property’s carpet is serious. A professional company with experience like DryTech will ensure that a proper and thorough water damage remediation is carried out. That way you won’t have mould growth or structural compromise from an unprofessional job.

DryTech Carpet Cleaning is one of Sydney’s best domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning companies. For more information about our wide range of services or a free quote call: 0408 578 918 or email: info@drytechcarpetcleaning.com.au